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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mixed Motives

Hi. I'm trying to sell my comic book collection.

That's really what all of this is about. A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning out my garage (at least a little bit) and I found that my beloved comics were really in quite good and saleable condition. I felt that they would probably do me more good liquidated into currency than sitting untouched in banker's boxes.

My brain tends to go to strange and faroff lands after a glass of wine or two, and that evening I found myself wondering, snifter in hand, why more folks aren't "into" comics. The movies do well, after all. Most people know what "kryptonite" is, and what happens when you say "Shazam!" They may even be able to tell you what great fourteen-letter "R" word comes with "great power."

There's more respect for the four-color universe now than there was when I started collecting in the early 80's. But for the most part, comic books are not really mainstream American culture.

And you know what? A lot of that is their own damn fault.

Comic stores don't try to reach out to new customers very much. They cling to their insular ways as though the unwashed masses were not really worthy of the greatness in those skinny magazines. Yet many of the stories are truly excellent, the art can be spellbinding, and every now and then the combination of those elements would win over the most hard-nosed skeptics ... if they knew it was there.

While most comic books feature long-running stories, they are sold in discreet monthly units, and most folks would probably like to know what's going on before plunking down hard-earned coin on issue 145, even if it does have a foil cover.

So I thought it might be a good idea to explain what's so great about these books as I put them up for sale.

Comics In Context gives me an opportunity to wax poetic about my collection, and it gives you a chance to buy some great entertainment on eBay. I'll be delving into real-world stuff, too, not just a rote list of issues featuring Wolverine. I'm going to talk about writers and comic publishers the same way one might talk about directors and film companies.

And of course, there's always the story.

So I invite you to reconsider the comic book and it's place in your cultural world. Pictures and words are a potent combination, much too moving a mixture to be abandoned to the white teenage males.

Remember, it's all about context.


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